Friday, 28 February 2014

Gareth Pugh: ugh

From the beginning there was something strongly familiar which left me till the end of the show trying hard to figure out what it was. What did the outfits remind me of? What was the thread going through the collection?

Obviously, the collection was all about white instead of conventional dark colours which are usually used in winter collections. Even though using summer vocabulary, Pugh still managed to make the collection appear pretty frosty and wintery - the fabulous draping made the models look as if they just came out of a snowstorm, yet still strong and powerful enough to face the world. 

You can't go wrong with white, right? And the draping is simply amazing. But o-m-g the materials.

Look at the clothes. Closely. Observe. Pay attention to every possible shape. 

Do they remind you of something?

Pugh claimed that there's no particular statement behind his clothes. Okey. 

But what the collection says to me is that designers have truly no boundaries when it comes to sources of inspiration. The whole time when I was trying to figure out what is the thread behind the collection, I knew that it was something so common that I wouldn't even consider it as an option. Yet, I got it. Eventually.

To me, the whole collection could be translated into the vocabulary of tissue papers, post-it notes, cotton wool, scotch tape, plastic bags, rubber gums and glue. A stationery shop? 

To understand my opinion (which might possibly sound as utter nonsense, I admit), I'll pick some outfits and try to prove my point.

Let's start from the left (up).

Dress no. 1: A rhapsody of tissue paper.
The dress is draped wonderfully. But it's just that the whole thing looks too much like a giant tissue paper wrapped around the model's body. 

Dress no. 2: Nothing but post-it notes.
Seriously, when looking at this dress I imagine those wannabe funny scenes from sitcoms, when the victim happens to be covered in some sort of mysterious liquid and the only way out of this sticky situation is to end up looking like a snowman out of post-it notes (or in more conventional scenes out of feathers). Don't ask me what scene it was. Maybe I just have too much imagination.

Dress no. 3: Tinfoil.
Do you remember the days when you were trying to cast your hand in tinfoil? Maybe not. Even though I am officially (only officially, please) an adult, I have to admit that I actually sometimes try to cast my fingers in the tinfoil from chocolate bars. Don't ask me why. Probably there's some inner sculptor hiding deep inside me. Anyway, that's all this dress recalls to me. The lazy moments when I play with tinfoil. But here the tinfoil looks more harmful than playful.

Dress no. 4: When I put used tissue paper into a plastic bag.
I think that my caption needs no further explanation. As I said, apparently I have too much imagination.

Dress no. 5: A giant cotton bud.
OK. Here I couldn't decide between plain cotton wool or a cotton bud. But, you know, the legs of the model look like sticks so the cotton bud was a clear choice. 

Dress no. 6: Cupcake baking cups.
Now, I'd like to have some cupcake. And I'd like to try on the coat just because I can't figure out how it works in real life. I mean is it wearable or is it just a matter of catwalk? I want to know!

Dress no. 7: A scotch tape torture.
Is Russian mafia torturing her? I can't imagine how painful it can be just to remove the tape off your body. (I hope you've already realized that I like to use irony and metaphors. I'm just sayin'.)

Dress no. 8: Plastic bags heaven.
This dress seems to be pretty eco-friendly. I mean, they found a new (fashionable) use for plastic bags. The draping is great though.

Well, as you have noticed I am not really a fan of this collection. I like the shapes, the draping, but... 

Anyway, maybe it's just me since I have a phobia of all white plastic stuff. It gets yellow over time, looks filthy and disgusting. I still wish my parents gave me for birthday black iPhone instead of the white one, but they assumed that I wanted to be trendy and get the hottest iPhone of that time. 

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