Friday, 21 February 2014

Moschino: help me understand this (URGH)

Be honest, please. Tell me whether you like this fashion show or not. And telling why is it so would be also nice of you. And do not feel any need to agree with me, I actually enjoy more of disagreement than agreement. Too many people agree with everyone and everything in this blogosphere.

Fashion people are one of the demographic groups (perhaps rare ones) where you find more people who dislike McDonald's than like. And if they tell you they love or actually eat at McDonald's, don't believe them. They are just being pretentious and trying to hide from you the latest diet they're on. So is Jeremy Scott playing with paradoxes? Maybe the McDonald's part of the collection was a statement declaring that models eat junk food (or not). Or that fashion becomes fast fashion. There are many possible interpretations. If there was any message with good intentions, it got lost. The clothes were too much screaming for attention and just bit too literal. 

The same goes for the rest of the collection. It was just too much. The MOSCHINOs hanging all around the models were just tacky and I couldn't imagine anyone who would really want to wear it. Even fashion victims would put their hands off. And sorry but a handbag as a top (or whatever it is supposed to be)? Are we on Etsy or what?

Nevertheless, there are a couple of things I liked. Really just a couple. I like the coat. It reminds me of my purchase failure in Hong Kong when I bought a similar coat in an anticipation of a tough winter which has never actually come (I got carried off because of the omnipresent air-con). Now the coat is in a suitcase waiting for a proper winter in England next year. Sadly, the Moschino one looks much better. Or fortunately for Moschino. Next are the boots. Put off all the MOSCHINOs and they are actually really nice. I like the idea of knee-high boots (which appeared on more catwalks this season) and I certainly will look for a similar pair for the next winter, trying hard to pull them off together with my HK coat.

Well, I think that I've said enough. 

Me no likey.

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