Sunday, 16 February 2014

Belstaff: London power

London fashion week has already started and I'm so behind (fortunately, I've had so little time). Anyway, I went fast through what was already shown and the collection by Belstaff really caught my eye. The outfits were just right for the British weather and if I could I would definitely wear them the next winter which I'll happily be back in the UK. 

What I really like about this collection is the way the outfits are layered and styled, and then the jackets and coats! Overall, I see in there quite strong reminiscences of working class which is in a way mixed with the British punk. The whole collection certainly resonates with the London scene. Plus, the clothes seem to not only be nice garments that protect one against bad weather and make one warm, but also they seem to be able to incredibly empower the wearer. And the message of empowerment is pretty strong here. The Belstaff girl is definitely not a sweetie but, hey, it's a tough world out there! 

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  1. Hi Ada. I like this post. Belstaff is in pure English style. Now I follow your blog in Bloglovin. Thank for follow me. Kisses,
    Eni K.