Sunday, 2 March 2014

Christian Dior: the red and pink rule

You should know that I've "had a crush" on Christian Dior ever since. I love everything about the house and I would simply die for a job there. So, my perspective might be little bit biased. Although, I must admit that I liked Dior more with Galliano than with Raf Simons (I've always been into history, and so I'd naturally fallen for Galliano's revivals). When it comes to this collection, I liked some bits of it and not so much the others but I'm going to focus on what I liked. To begin with, I'm especially excited about the way Raf combined the uncombinable: red and pink. Love it.

Also, I really really like the texture of the dresses. I wish I could see the clothes in real life and closely examine every little detail of them. Look at them, there's some great technology going on.

When it comes to shoes, I loved the way they look on runway - meaning from the front. Though after seeing the close ups I was surprised and had a bit of mixed feelings. A hybrid between sneakers and heels? Hmm. Actually, why not? They're so ugly they're beautiful. Except those with short heels, they are ugly and will stay ugly. Sorry.

Another thing I noticed were the gloves. Colourful long gloves have already appeared in other shows this season, but they resembled more gloves for washing up than something I actually would like to wear out of my home. Even though here, I still see in them some "washing up" elements, they look more elegant than crude. Everyone has the black ones why not to go for the stripes.

Apart from shoes, what really caught my attention were the dresses. No, they weren't crazy. They were combining striking colours, but eventually they were actually pretty sober (and I love simplicity, aah). And the way the jewellery on the dresses appeared to be broken gave the whole ensembles a nice 'rebellious' touch. But anyway, what I really loved about them was the layering, because it didn't seem only fresh but it actually revived in me an enthusiasm for sewing. I mean, I could actually make such dresses at home. Let's just put two dresses together et voilà.

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