Thursday, 27 February 2014

film: Mrs. Arris goes to Paris

Sometimes I crave a simple film (with nice costumes) that would not be a pain to watch but also would not demand much thinking of me. With Mrs. Arris goes to Paris I can happily tick all the boxes.

Even though the film, set in 50s Paris, is more like a fairy tale for adults - ok, for adult women, one can still spot some depth in it. That is in the approach towards clothes, towards the proper luxurious clothes. Just watch how determined Mrs. Harris was to get one Dior dress, what she was able to crucify for it, and then think about what Fashion truly meant to people.

That "appreciation" of fashion is what I'm missing today. Or maybe it's the impact of my current environment of Hong Kong. Where else is one more surrounded by luxury brands on every single step than in Hong Kong? What other city can be likened to a huge shopping mall and still it'd not be an exaggeration?  

The world has turned into a consumption bubble that is all about consuming a product in one second, and getting rid of it the another. Sigh.

Anyway, on a happy note, fashion week in Paris has slowly started. Let's go there with Mrs. Harris. Nevermind, if it's just fictitiously.

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