Monday, 3 March 2014

Lanvin: elegance and backpacks

Nostalgic of the old days, Alber Elbaz said  he wanted to bring extravagance back to fashion. It was about time. I've started to miss those theatrical fashion shows of the late 90s.

Being a fond lover of hats, I was intrigued. A variety of simple headgears complemented with an abundance of fringes had an ability to empower the women even more strongly than the clothes. Their looks became enigmatic and bewitching. A dream? 

Even though one can't really talk about fur in terms of seasons and trends, I need to say that it seems that fur is becoming bigger once again (ethical issues aside). It wasn't only at Lanvin's show but at many others. Be it fake or real, fur from luxury brands is simply expensive. It seems that the fashion industry has become tired of the democratization of fashion and desires to become once again a realm of mystery and dreams. Highly priced, hardly affordable. More exclusive.

And don't forget to notice the backpacks (yes, the model on the left is wearing a fur backpack)! Who would expect them at Lanvin's show? Well, not me. It's actually interesting that Alber picked this type of backpacks than any other to show off the experimental nature of his collection. Especially because this type (sorry I don't know whether there's any proper name for it) is really huge in Asia, or at least in Hong Kong. I barely saw them in Europe, but here everyone has one. Probably they're really practical, though I haven't fallen for them yet. Anyway, I don't know what Lanvin's sales are in Asia, but it might help increase them a tiny bit. On the other hand, it might be understandable that Alber decided to work with these backpacks. They're simple and one can easily play with them around and eventually even turn them into pieces of luxury. 

As Alber Elbaz said he wanted to go to extremes. That was a risky decision but it paid off big. Overall, the collection felt to me as a play on the pristine elegance of the old days and on the changing women's needs of nowadays. Women aren't caught in golden cages anymore. Women live to the fullest and they're more strong and powerful than ever before. The looks were glamorous yet rough, gloomy yet playful. But definitely they were empowering. 


  1. Lanvin is definitely one of my favorite design houses! Love the shoe and backpack especially! I really enjoy your blog so far and would love to follow each other--please join my GFC and I'll follow you right back!


    xo Jess

  2. fur and leather embossed bag or shoes are really must-haves for cold month, and loving these new collection!

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