Saturday, 8 March 2014

fashion: power

From time to time life reminds me of what I truly love about fashion, of its true sense. I realize how empowering fashion is. It’s the reason why I consider fashion so important in our lives and why I believe that everyone who dismisses fashion as stupid and shallow has just missed the point. 

Fashion has the power to give us voice in situations we cannot speak or are prohibited to speak. It's the easiest way to express disagreement. After all, fashion has often acted as a very first step of revolutions of any sorts. And coming from an ex-communist country, I can assure you that during those dark days fashion mattered more than you'd think since the government regarded it as a threat. It was a threat because communism didn't want people to think - independently. It didn't want people to express their opinions. And so, one of the ways to suppress any kind of individualism was to control fashion. After all, everything was controlled. Because even though we often aren't aware of that, fashion completely transforms one's personality. It changes the body language, ways of thinking and behaving, and even the way of speaking. But more importantly fashion has the wonderful ability to give us more confidence.  And on top of that, not only that it changes the personality of the wearer, but it also changes the attitude of people towards him/her. The way one expresses oneself determines what other people think about him/her and it has often a lasting impact which is hard to change. Fashion matters.

Fashion can be much more than you think. It's neither shopping nor selfies in the mirror. It's who we are.

(P.S. I'm trying to figure out how to transfer sketches and drawings into digital images so my first efforts are and will be rather ridiculous, sorry, although I don't aspire to make them 'beautiful' either way)

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