Monday, 10 March 2014

fashion: regular outfits

Do you think about what you wear? 

I know that fashion bloggers who take photos of their outfits basically on a daily basis definitely do. I know that picking an outfit is never a totally unconscious process. So I should perhaps rephrase my question. To what extent do you think about what you wear? Too much? Too little?

Recently, I’ve been thinking a bit about why I wear what I wear. For outfits I consider deliberately picked enables and I’ve realized that in most cases I dress on impulse with not much thinking but lots of laziness involved. This is probably because of my very limited range of choices and no budget for shopping sprees. 

But still it made me think... is it wrong? or right? In a way, I feel under pressure. I know that no one really cares and it's probably only my very inner pressure, but because I absolutely love fashion I feel obliged to create some amazing outfits which would have the power to catch attention of street photographer at all times. (Un)fortunately, I'm not that type of person but it makes me feel as if I was fake. Am I faking my love for fashion? Do I need to prove the world my interest through bold fashion statements? Or is it possible to love fashion but assume a role of a quite observer? 

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