Wednesday, 12 March 2014

fashion: do women want stupid magazines, or not

Why are men’s magazines so better than women’s?

Recently, I had a lazy afternoon and stopped by magazines at the supermarket. Since I’m in Hong Kong and have absolutely no knowledge of Chinese (ok, I can say thank you) I overlooked HK versions of Elle and others, and my eyes fell onto all the Vogues, Bazaars and Elles from Britain, US and other countries. I skimmed through them and didn’t like them. However, that’s not the sole reason that made me write a post on it. I'm aware of the fact that these magazines have become foldable billboards. Even though, I must admit on occasions it makes me sad. However, the reason is that I also skimmed through men’s style/fashion magazines (GQ, Monocle, Esquire etc.). And, o-m-g, I stood there for more than twenty minutes, reading and reading and just enjoying sharp and witty articles - for men. 

I knew that it wasn't me, because even though I'm not a girly girl I'm not manly. At least I believe so. 

The difference is that men’s magazines, those basically dealing with the same stuff - style, were written in anticipation of much more clever audience - men. Just look at the amount of text and even on the size of it! Articles are long, interesting, not much dealing with sex and the font size is often considerably smaller = even more text. 

Come on, is sex the only thing women want to read about? It's getting boring, no? All the time all the same. Not even creative in any sense. Or, diets? Eat less and exercise more. That's it. There's no other secret in it. I want to learn something new from each article, not to read a 'poetic' form of publicity. I want to learn something about the women who rule the world! Haha, ok now I'm exaggerating but it's only because I went to a bookshop today and there was NO biography of a single woman. Only men. (and, beware, I don't consider myself a feminist, it's just that I'm noticing stuff and they make me sad/mad)

Are really women that stupid? I don't think so (hopefully). Or do they see fashion magazines as a refuge which enables them to switch to the mode of no thinking and just "enjoying" advertisements? Perhaps (sadly). But then I don't understand paying for it (Google = free?).


(By the way, has anyone read the Porter? Any opinions?)

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