Thursday, 6 March 2014

Chanel: the biggest disappointment, ever

The setting might have been innovative and overall turning the show into a spectacular performance. However, something has gone terribly wrong if it's the setting what takes the spotlight from the real stars of the show - the clothes. (watch the show - I like the music though)

It feels like Karl's gone mad. I mean, where's that Chanel everyone knows and loves? We can accept  and eventually even love his quirks, but now it's just too much. Is he trying to reposition the brand and appeal to younger customers? Maybe Cara bewitched him so much that he lost his mind. Because it seems as if the collection was designed for Cara and her friends. But, in general, young buyers don't have the purchase power, Karl. Not yet. And when they’ll get to that stage, they’ll already be grown up and desiring the classy Chanel, not some tacky pieces which could easily compete with Moschino. And Moschino has been ‘specializing’ in imitating Chanel so wouldn’t it be ironic to follow Moschino?

I can barely see anything I like. And I'm not the type of person who's looking for conventional beauty. If it wasn't Karl Lagerfeld but some other designer, I'm sure that he'd be ripped apart. Even when I try to imagine the clothes without the setting or as individual pieces they just don't make the cut. Did he use the supermarket background to distract people from the actual collection? If so, lucky him, not many other designer could afford such an expensive stage set.

I'm not sure if it's not even too much to please fashion victims. On the other hand, some who would wear anything hideous enough to attract street style photographers. But it's not them who generate profits, right. 

So where is the Chanel silhouette? It's there, in bits and pieces, looking like a cheese after a mice feast. Other outfits looked like working overalls (nothing against working overalls but it was too literal) and others like unfortunate efforts to revive 80s. The outfits  above? Toxic birthday cakes. And what happened to the wonderful trainers from the couture show? They were turned into boots. Not wonderful anymore.

But what I resent the most are these leggings/overalls (up). Look at the crotch. I mean, it's always been a nightmare to get trousers with a baggy crotch, and I don't think that Chanel will ever change it.

I know that from my comments you can assume that I hate Chanel. Not really. I only hate this collection. It was probably the biggest disappointment of this season, and just from browsing fashion forums I see that it's not just me. Hope that Karl learns his lesson. He should accept the fact that he's still a human being, not a god.


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    1. I didn't know that I was one of the models, hah.

    2. hahahaha gotta love copy + paste

  2. Very good my sweetie ;)
    Kisses <3

  3. I totally agree. The ripped holes are just so bad! Your mice and cheese comparison was great…designers definitely get cocky over time. I really liked a lot of collections this season from names I'd never heard of, the ones doing spectacular work trying to get noticed. It's a funny cycle of (fashion) life.

    Like it Haute